The Future of Commercial Property
28 July 2021 | Troy Harper

It has been fascinating and troubling in equal measure to watch the rapid decline of interest rates to near zero. We have played financial limbo to the bottom of the cycle, and now face the dual challenges of how to escape low rates without destroying the economy and the enormous inequality gap between those who own assets and have benefitted from interest rate reductions and those who do not.

Inflation GDP and other things...
31 May 2021 | Lindsey Lawrance

It seems that in finance-land, everywhere you turn lately people are talking about two things – inflation and crypto. We're more concerned with inflation than crypto, so is inflation about to take off? Will interest rates rise? 

Keepsakes, Regrets and Predictions
28 April 2021 | Lindsey Lawrance

Market records, Bitcoin, IPOs, Margin Debt and SPACs. Bubble or Bull-Market?

Tesla - Electric Vehicles and Bitcoin
01 March 2021 | Lindsey Lawrance

Some big news out of Tesla during the last month.  It seems they are diversifying their business operations away from electric vehicles and electric energy solutions.  They are now also engaging in financial speculation - Bitcoin.

Should Tesla shareholders be concerned about this development?